All You Should Know About Flum Float

If the vape industry is known for anything, it’s constant innovation. As more people adopt vaping, vape companies are responding with disposable vape pens and devices that make vaping easier, more enjoyable, and more appealing than ever before.

When it comes to disposable vape devices, the Flum Float is currently leading the way. Flum has focused their efforts on developing one of the best vapes on the market. So, let’s take a look at the features that stand Flum Float out.

Flum Float Review

When the Flum Float disposable vape was released, it completely changed the market. This extra-large disposable vape device is larger than most in order to accommodate a generous internal 8ml tank and a battery that provides power for approximately 3000 puffs. The Float uses 5% nicotine salt e-juice in a variety of fun flavors.

The fact that the vape is ridiculously simple to use is likely to be the most appealing feature. Everything is contained in a single simple device that does not require charging or refilling. There are no buttons to press to turn the Float on or off. Because the vape is draw-activated, you can start puffing as soon as you open the package and keep puffing until the battery power runs out, which should be around 3000 puffs. In other words, it’s a super-simple alternative to assembling your own vape kit.

Look and Feel

The Float disposable vape has an unusual design that resembles a canister or tube. Despite its oversized appearance, the rounded exterior fits snugly and comfortably in the hand. The device is encased in a plastic shell with loud colors themed to match the flavor inside. While the design is colorful and fun, the device is not the most discreet. The mouthpiece is somewhat small in comparison to the device’s bulky body.


With its variety of zingy flavors, the Flum Float made its mark on the disposable vape market. Smooth and fruity dessert-style classics such as strawberry ice cream and pina polo are available to customers. Fruit flavors include strawberry mango, strawberry banana, mixed berries, and aloe grape. Those looking for a more refreshing menthol hit will likely enjoy a cool mint or breeze. When you buy The Flum Float in a three-pack from West Coast Vape Supply, you can choose three different flavors to try.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the most notable advantages of the Flum Float is its ease of use. It couldn’t be easier or faster to get your nicotine fix without all the inflammatory smoke for those switching from analog cigarettes to salt nic vaping. Other advantages include the Float’s long-lasting battery, fun, sturdy design, and diverse flavor selection.

However, as the old adage goes, nothing is perfect, and customers have pointed out a few drawbacks to this remarkable disposable device. Flavor profiles can be inconsistent at times, and the promised 3000 puffs do not always deliver until the very end.

When the Flum Float’s battery runs out, vapor production and flavor profile can both decrease. This isn’t unique to the Float; it’s a problem with almost all disposable devices that rely on pre-filled tanks and draw-activated batteries. Essentially, as you approach the 3,000-puff mark, the device’s performance will begin to deteriorate. For an easy purchase of this device, click here.

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