Broke Dick Water Cup E-juice Review

If you are a fruit lover, then Broke Dick’s Water Cup e-juice will surely enlighten your taste buds. It has the most of nature’s sweet offerings with a spectacular mix of fruit punch, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, orange, and pineapple. But let’s see if this fruity goodness will suit your cravings.

The product is stored in a pretty simple container with a minimalist vibe. I love the eye-catching choice of bold mustard yellow paper cover with a groovy-looking Monopoly Mayor standing just above the name. While the brand name sounds explicit, the name is actually an idiom – Broke (for someone who has no money) and Dick (the owner’s name). But I bet you will agree that the name is pretty catchy and easy to remember.

The e-juice is placed inside a clear plastic gorilla bottle. It comes with a twist cap, which is a bit of a downer for some as you need to transfer the e-juice into an empty unicorn bottle or use an old screw cap. Nevertheless, this is really not a major issue for me. As what the company explained, this will help them compete with the market and keep their prices as low as possible. So, who am I to complain really? Also, it’s more fun to save the money and landfills than have all my unicorn bottles laying around when already emptied.

Meanwhile, on the left side of the label, you will find the typical warnings, batch numbers, and expiration date. The opposite side bears a very brief description about the product, the list of ingredients, and a QR code that will take you to Broke Dick’s website.

The Water Cup variant is described as “So flavorful, you’ll want more than a tank full. Simply Fruit Punch, it is delicious, refreshing, and an amazing mix of flavors.” It resembles the taste of the Hawaiian Punch we are all familiar with.

Talking about the smell, the aroma it produces is not overpowering. On the first hit, you will taste a pineapple flavor, which is then followed by strawberries and a hint of mixed berry flavor. There’s more of a fruit punch flavor with the fruits being blended together on the inhale. And on the exhale, you can taste more of a pineapple and strawberry mix with a mixed berry punch flavored base. Taste is spot-on and flavor is sold — a bit surprising for a cheap e-liquid.

There was a bit of a throat hit on the low nicotine level, but it was nonetheless smooth throughout. There was a kick on the inhale, but not too harsh to leave your throat feeling scratchy. I have to admit there was a little dryness on the exhale, but no awful aftertaste by far. If you really want to experience its overall taste, I suggest you take long deep hits.

Cloud lovers are still going to like this. For a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 70VG/30PG, it has a pretty decent dense cloud production, not the competition type though. But it actually takes the cloud quite a time to disperse. The blend also comes in three different nicotine concentration levels to cater to your specific needs. For stronger flavors, I suggest you hit the 6 mg level, 3 mg for an average hit, and 0 mg if you do not want any nicotine at all.

The scent of the bottle is akin to Hawaiian Punch that will unleash the tropical/summer vibe in you. It is sweet without being that syrupy overwhelming sugary flavor. It is actually more of an adult (or a balanced) version of the drink. And for something that is as simple as a fruit punch, I have to admit that I really enjoyed this much more than I thought I would. Of note, I enjoyed it most at mid-range wattage.

Overall, I can say that Broke Dick’s Water Cup flavor exceeded my expectations. It is definitely the bomb. On point flavor, smooth throat hit, great cloud production, and a nice-looking brand and packaging out there… I mean, what is there not to love, not to mention its affordable price too. (A 120-ml bottle of this heavenly-flavor blend will only cost you $25. ) This is really an offer you just can’t easily resist.

Broke Dick Water Cup really does give you an unusually satisfying vaping experience. This is one of the best flavors I have tried by far, and I am definitely going to buy this again.

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