Crucible Cream eLiquid Review

Crucible Cream e-Liquid is a high-temperature vaping juice that bears the brand name of Forge Vapor. Without a shred of doubt, this product has managed to further enhance the reputation of Forge Vapor. Simply put, this stuff offers a breathtaking high-temperature vaping experience. This is not really surprising, considering that all Forge Vapor products are known for doing exactly that.

For all those who don’t know, Forge Vapor is an upcoming American e-liquid company that has mastered the art of creating the most perfect high-temperature vaping juices.


Crucible Cream e-Liquid is blessed with sweet and blissful marriage of strawberries and cream. The result of this blissful marriage is that you get to enjoy the most authentic taste of a strawberry. Ideally, this is how any strawberry flavor should taste. Unfortunately, today most average strawberry flavors end up compromising on their authentic taste by including artificial or chemical ingredients.

The good thing about this authentic taste is that you’ll get to taste it for satisfyingly long time, since this flavor doesn’t dissolve quickly in the mouth. This will only add to your vaping experience.

This vaping experience would be rather an incomplete one, if you don’t tap into different nuances of tastes that this e-juice brings forth at different temperature settings. You’ll enjoy more strawberry taste at higher temperatures, while thicker cream taste is more predominant at lower temperatures.

Nicotine Strength

Crucible Cream e-Liquid is available in three nicotine levels; 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. The 0mg and 3mg nicotine levels are ideally suitable for vapers who crave for a very mellow throat hit. On other hand, 6mg is an ideal choice for anyone who strongly desires a smacking throat hit. The important thing is that you won’t experience any burning or itching experience while enjoying the throat hit. This is because this vape e-liquid with the 6mg nicotine level is incredibly smooth on the throat.

Vapor Production

This e-juice will leave you completely satisfied as far as the vapor production is concerned. Every single hit that you take will pave the way for highly dense and thick clouds. The important thing is that these are long-lasting clouds, and they  don’t fade away quickly. This will again ensure that you get only the best vaping experience from this e-juice.

Packaging Design

Forge Vapor rightly deserves lot of praise for creating a universal package design that is so simple, yet effective. This design is universal because you’ll find it on almost all Forge packages. You’ll see a thermometer that has been cast aside against background picture of an intense raging fire. This design will have an instant impact on anyone who is very much fond of high-temperature vaping juice. The package’s instant effectiveness is what makes it such a great winner and a great boon for the product.


Even vapers on a shoestring budget will have no problem in buying this vape e-liquid. Crucible Cream e-Liquid in 132ml bottle will cost only $25 on If you haven’t heard about until now, then you’ll be pleased to know that this online store offers top vape juice flavors at wholesale prices. Simply put, this online store is a great money saver. There is nothing more a price-conscious vaper can ask for, but an online store that offers highly attractive deals on some of the best vape juices.


Crucible Cream e-Liquid is not your average strawberry flavor. It is way better than all those ordinary flavors that offer nothing but a substandard vaping experience. The foremost thing that it brings to the table is an authentic taste. This taste will leave your taste buds craving for more and most certainly will cause an addiction that won’t be too easy for you to handle. Not to mention that your taste buds will go absolutely wild when they will get sucked into a high-temperature experience that this flavor brings forth.

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