Disposables: Phix or Vuse: what you should know

As you already know, there are a variety of vape products on the market from different brands. However, there are a few brands that are well known and their products are household names among vaping communities. These brands make it easy to choose when you visit a vape store. This post will focus on two such brands, Phix and Vuse. These brands have some of the best disposable vape systems currently available on the market.

Phix Pods

The Phix brand has a series of vape pods that are designed with a sleek look. These devices are not only stylish, they perform excellently, and are also portable. Phix vape pods are designed for easy and discreet vape sessions. You can place vape pods by Phix in your pockets without them weighing down. This device also features an ergonomic grip that makes it easy to carry around. The Phix vape pod features a ceramic finish.

Phix vape pods also feature cartridges that will give you about 400 puffs. Like other disposable vape systems, the Phix vape pod is available in different flavor profiles. Some examples of these flavors are Tobacco, Butterscotch Tobacco, Strawberry, Spearmint, Cool Melon, Blue Raspberry, Cool Grape, Cool Mango, Ice, Hard Strawberry, Original Blend Tobacco, and several others. All these e-liquid flavors taste excellent and just as their flavor profile reads. Unlike other vape brands, you can be sure that these e-juice flavors don’t taste like they contain any artificial flavors. The new Phix device pod e-liquids are available in 1.5 ml packs. And each contains about 50mg of nicotine which will suit vapers who enjoy consuming higher concentrations of nicotine.

All Phix vape pod e-juice flavors are available for sale at many stores. But you will get the best deals buying from Hazetown Vapes. At this online store, you can buy any Phix vape pod for $25.99.

Vuse Vype ePod

The Vuse brand is another well vaping manufacturer that is well-known for the quality of its products. The Vype ePod is arguably the highest-selling product by the Vuse brands on the market. This vaping system features a portable sleek design. The Vype ePod weighs only 23 grams and is lightweight enough to be carried around. This device is also ideal for discreet vaping.

The Vuse Vype ePod is not designed to be complex to operate, anyone can operate these vape systems. This vaping system comes with a button that can be used to put this device on and off. The Vype ePod looks classical and is available in different color finishes including Gold, Silver, Graphite, and Matte Black.

The Vuse Vype ePod comes with a 350 mAh battery that will give you about 195 puffs before the battery runs out of juice. The cool thing about this Vuse battery is that you can recharge it. The Vype ePod battery can be charged using a USB port.

The Vuse Vype comes with different vape juice flavors available in 1.9ml containers. These e-liquid flavors contain high-quality nicotine salt available in different concentration levels 18mg, 34mg, or 57 mg. There are many different types of Vype ePod e-juice flavors available. Some examples of the most popular are Mango, Golden Tobacco, Smooth Mint, Watermelon, Strawberry, Cucumber, Berry, Blood Orange, Blueberry, Cool Peppermint, Vanilla, Lemon Berry, Smooth Tobacco, Polar Mint, and many others. These vape flavors are compatible pods for Vuse alto. You can buy the Vuse Vype ePod via the Hazetown online vape store for only $14.99.

Hazetown also offers excellent 24/7 shipping services on all orders. And this store offers Same-Day Delivery services available five days a week. With Hazetown Vapes every customer gets a GPS tracking link to monitor the progress of their order.

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