DIY Ejuice With Salt Nicotine

If you are a DIY vaper who craves a lot of nicotine, you probably have been hearing about salt nicotine as an alternative to regular (freebase) nicotine. The popularity of salt nicotine in the vape industry today continues to increase with more and more nicotine enthusiastic vapers getting the hang of its potentials. Today, it is possible to now find an array of pod systems that are compatible with salt nicotine. This means that every vaper can vape salt nicotine if they want to without necessarily being limited by their vape devices. 

While it is possible to use commercial ejuice blends containing salt nicotine, you can aas well include it as an ingredient together with your unique diy vape juice flavors to create a fully personalised ejuice blend.

What is Salt Nicotine?

In the past, every vaper relied strictly on freebase nicotine. The only problem with freebase nicotine is that you cannot vape it in high concentrations without being rewarded with an intense harshness in your throat. This is as a result of the PH level of freebase nicotine. However, some vapers need those high concentrations to truly enjoy the vaping experience. Then came salt nicotine.

Salt nicotine is the same nicotine but with a slight difference. Salt nicotine introduces various acids like benzoic acid to lower the PH level, allowing you to take it in high concentrations. The difference is, even at high concentrations, you are rewarded with a smooth vaping experience without hurting your throat.

Ejuice blends containing salt nicotine usually come in concentrations of about 25mg, even up to 60mg. 

The Benefits of Using Salt Nicotine In DIY Ejuice

First things first, if you are a DIY vaper who fancies a lot of nicotine, then using salt nicotine in your diy vape juice mixture will save you a lot of money buying nicotine for your ejuice mixtures, while providing you with ultimate vape satisfaction. Also, salt nicotine greatly increases the flavro experience of your DIY ejuice because the inhale is not as restricted as with freebase nicotine.

Using Salt nicotine can also help you save more on ejuice as you will find that you will be vaping less frequently. This is because the high concentration of nicotine immediately satisfies your cravings unlike freebase nicotine where you have to take a couple drags before you begin to feel satisfied.

How To DIY Ejuice With Salt Nicotine

When making DIY ejuice with salt nicotine, always make sure safety is your utmost priority. You should have your hand gloves and goggles on whenever you are working with chemicals, especially nicotine.

Step 1: Just the same way you make your normal ejuice with freebase nicotine. You first mix your vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) together. Most salt nicotine e juices have an even VG/PG base as the PG adds to the satisfying throat hit that you will love in the end.

Step 2: Next, you want to add in your flavoring. Flavoring usually takes up about 10% of a salt nicotine ejuice. As usual, make sure you are using high-quality flavoring so you get the best vaping experience when you are done. If you do not know where to find some, check out flavorah.

Step 3: Now you add in your salt nicotine base. The standard bottle of salt nicotine that is added to DIY ejuice is 0.5ml for every 10ml of ejuice.

Step 4: Once you are done, you follow the same post DIY procedures i.e. cover, shake, and steep.

Is Salt Nicotine For Everyone?

Salt nicotine may be a pleasant alternative to freebase nicotine, but it is not for every vaper. If you are a light smoker i.e. you smoke a nicotine range of 3-12 mg, then you may just want to stick to freebase nicotine. On the other hand, if you are a heavy smoker i.e. you smoke a nicotine range of 12mg upward, salt nicotine will be your best bet.

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