Flum Float Disposable Vape 3k Puffs Review

Made in an elegant design and shape, the Flum float disposable vape is the newest and most elegant disposable vape in the Flum float collection. The device comes in an amazingly compact design that fits perfectly into your hand, assuring you of wholesome vaping sessions regardless of your location and the time. This device beats all odds to provide you with an amazing vaping session throughout by the installation of the most credible features and amazing flavors.

Flum Float disposable 3k gives an upward puff count of 3000, making sure you enjoy long vaping sessions, and is fitted with a powerful integrated battery. It has a vape juice capacity of 8ml and 50mg of salt nicotine to satisfy your craving. Below is a highlight of all the Flum Vape flavors;


Flum float disposable 3k has the most tantalizing flavors in the market such as;

Mixed berries – the most amazing blend of berries that created a unique taste.

Lush ice – a refreshing flavor of blended watermelon and cool menthol flavor.

Red bang – this flavor blends your favorite energy drinks to come up with one mouthwatering taste.

Strawberry mango – if you are looking for a taste that perfectly mimics the pure mango taste with a slight strawberry flavor, this is the taste.

Cool mint – for mint lovers, this flavor will leave you craving for more due to its refreshing and cool taste that is left in your mouth.

Aloe grape – grape generally has a tantalizing taste and this is made more interesting by the addition of aloe into the blend.

Strawberry banana – fresh bananas made with a strawberry topping to make a perfect combination and taste.

Strawberry ice cream – this flavor remains unbeaten for combining strawberry’s juicy taste with an ice cream taste creating the most authentic taste.

Pina polo – if you haven’t tasted this polo and pineapple blend, then you are missing out on an amazing vape session.

Breeze – this flavor generally gives you a cooling feeling down your throat and leaves you feeling refreshed and excited at the same time.

De’lo lychee – if you have tasted the lychee flavor before, you know this is definitely a flavor you cannot miss out on especially when it’s perfectly blended with the taste of dragon fruit. It is heavenly.

Peach gelato – this flavor is that of fresh peaches combined together.

Tropical delight – anything with a tropical fruit taste has always been a force in the vape industry and this is no different. It gives you so much satisfaction in the balance of tastes from different fruits.

Fruity Hawaii – this basically is a Hawaiian-inspired blend of fruits that sends your taste buds on an adventure.

Gummy drop – a flavor filled with candy flavors that get you excited with every puff.

Strawmelon – the perfect combination of strawberry and watermelon that drives your taste buds nuts.

Nana cobbler – is the purest desert-flavored taste that has a mix of bananas and crust.

Summer strawkiwi – a mouthwatering taste of strawberry and kiwi flavors blended together.

Clear – this is a pure tobacco taste recreated to serve smokers who like to have their tastes undiluted.

Aloe mango melon ice – this blends aloe flavor with fresh mango flavor and melon taste with cool menthol.

Where to purchase the Flum float disposable 3k disposable vape

 You can purchase the Flum float disposable 3k disposable vape from the West Coast Vape Supply website for $11.99. Visit the site today to enjoy multiple deals and discounts. 

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