Gryphon Blueberry Danish by Cyclops Vapor Review

Product: Gryphon
Manufacturer: Cyclops Vapor

Flavor note:

King of beasts… a powerful and majestic creature. It only fits that it represent one of the most favored and enjoyed breakfast pastries; a sweet, creamy danish layered with the flavor of fresh blueberry.

  • Size: 10ml 30ml 120ml
  • Nicotine Level: 00mg 1.5mg 03mg 06mg 12mg
  • PG/VG Ratio: 20pg/80vg 50pg/50vg

Unfortunately, Gryphon is rather hard to find in stock. It’s gone fast, real fast. The color of the juice is a deep, glowing green, that looks downright radioactive. Upon removing the lid, the air around you is instantly filled with the deep aroma of anise.

There’s not a lot to smell coming from the open bottle of Gryphon Blueberry Danish. With a couple of light squeezes it smells more like sugar cookies or angel food cake than a Danish. The vape itself is sweet with strong notes of blueberry and a general bakery like sweetness. The cinnamon is overwhelmingly the dominant flavor from start to finish. However, it’s a very nicely structured flavor with an emphasis on the sweeter side rather than the red hot cinnamon candy. The pastry side to the juice has a sweet bready, cake-like flavor with subtle notes of creamy butter. It gets weighed down by the heavy cinnamon and doesn’t have enough of an opportunity to shine.

The vape is flush with the same deep, rich, Danish notes and while that’s quite clearly the primary flavoring component, there’s quite a bit more to it than that alone. The secondary component is a sweet blueberry note that’s rich with the flavor of the oils and zest of the fruit, rather than the juicy flesh. While it’s quite difficult to nail down the specific fruit here, it does have an overpowering sweetness, as well as the bright, high citrus notes that are reminiscent of fresh blueberry.
This is a very unusual combination of flavors comprised of brown sugar, sweet, bakery, caramel, and counter-intuitively, everything that needs to create a Danish. The Danish flavor, which is the dominant component in the overall profile, is fairly natural tasting, but by itself would be nothing special. It’s the background flavor of fresh blueberry with notes of Danish, and caramel that highlight the creamy blueberry flavor, and rather than competing with it, it gives the Danish the necessary depth and character to make it stand out in a sea of mediocre creamy danish layer flavors. The blueberry pops very late in the vape, and while subtle, it is, at first, a bit surprising. The light acidity of the fruit cuts the sweetness just enough to round out the overall flavor profile and achieve a smooth balance with a good throat hit and a sufficient cloud.

Both the front and back end of the vape is loaded with the delicious Danish taste of anise. The sweet berry flavor is particularly strong right as the vapor touches your tongue and begins to fade on the exhale as the mellow absinthe takes over, but the sweetness never quite fades completely. The finish is what I find so intriguing about the fluid. It has deep undertones that can only be described as a sweet berry. While it may simply be the blending of the flavors mentioned above, the finish also has a subtle cooling quality that is usually associated with a Danish or cream based vape juice, but there is no mint here to speak of.

Overall the juice is delicious, but I’m left wanting more of the buttery, bready Danish flavor. The VG thick mix does provide huge clouds of vapor, but the juice lacks any significant throat hit.

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