Hustle Juice’s Jackpot E-Juice Review

You hit the jackpot when you get Jackpot by Hustle Juice. This e-liquid has an authentic flavor. It tastes just like a raspberry-filled donut. The flavor is spot-on and doesn’t get old. You will want to savor every puff when vaping this e-liquid.   

You can smell the raspberry flavor when you open a bottle of Hustle Juice’s Jackpot. The aroma will make you salivate before you even start vaping. The taste of this e-liquid is amazing. You can taste the raspberry and the freshly baked donut flavor. It is not overly sweet.

This is the kind of e-liquid to enjoy along with your favorite beverage. The taste is very comforting. It will remind you of eating a raspberry donut. There is no weird taste from this e-juice.

Jackpot is my current all day vape. The flavor has got me hooked since I am a fan of donuts. This e-juice is so satisfying.

There are several donut vape juices on the market, but Hustle Juice’s Jackpot is outstanding. In my opinion, this is one of the best donut e-liquids ever made. You can tell that this is a premium vape juice from the moment you taste it.

Jackpot by Hustle Juice is available with different nicotine strength levels. You can opt for either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. The 0mg version is for those who do not want any nicotine. If you want a good throat hit, you may have to go for the 6mg version.

The vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of Jackpot by Hustle Juice is 80/20. You will have no issues vaping this e-liquid using a tank or dripper. You will get a mild throat hit from Jackpot. The sensation in your throat is smooth and pleasant.

You will get massive thick clouds of vapor from this e-juice. If you are a cloud chaser, you will love vaping this e-liquid.

Jackpot by Hustle Juice has a lovely packaging design. The e-liquid comes in a gorilla unicorn bottle. The Hustle Juice logo is printed on the bottle. You will also find some basic information about the product on the bottle.

You cannot go wrong when you buy from Humble Juice Co. The company has a wide collection of e-juice flavors in its collection. Apart from the Hustle Juice line, there is also the Humble Juice line, the Humble Juice Ice line, the Havoc Juice line, the Havana Juice line, and the SVLT Vapor line.

You get excellent customer service when you buy from Humble Juice. The company has many exciting deals that you can take advantage of to save money. One of these deals is the Humble Buy One Get One (BOGO) offer.

You can get two bottles of your favorite e-juice for the price of one with this deal. The BOGO deal is open to everyone. You do not need to register for anything to enjoy this hot deal.

This means you can get two bottles of Jackpot with the Hustle BOGO e-juice deal. You can also opt for any two e-juice flavors from this company.

All the e-juice flavors from Humble Juice are pre-steeped for at least two weeks before being shipped. However, you can steep this e-juice again if you are not satisfied with how it tastes.

Jackpot by Hustle Juice is so affordable, but you get the best value for your money when you buy it from the Humble Juice Company online store.

Jackpot is perfect for vaping during a work break or when you are longing for the taste of a raspberry donut.

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