Limitless Pulse Starter Kit Pod System Review

Limitless Mod Company is a well-known name in the vaping market. However, this company is known for making classic tanks instead of starter kits. The Pulse Starter Kit is the first such device from Limitless and it lives up to expectations.

The Limitless Pulse vape pen was designed by Asher Dynamics and manufactured by PLY Rock. It looks somewhat similar to the JUUL and Phix starter kit and shares some similar features with both devices.

The Limitless Pulse Starter Kit is just about the size of a USB drive, but it is longer. The dimensions of the kit are 115mm by 17.5mm by 9mm. It comes with a 380mAh battery that can produce a maximum wattage of 8 watts. The battery is non-removable, and the kit includes a micro USB charger for powering the device. This starter kit does not support variable wattage. Instead, the device will automatically reduce the wattage that you are vaping as the battery power dwindles. There is no way to know if the battery of this vaporizer is running low. It will just give out on you when the battery is dead. The good thing is that it charges pretty quickly. You will be able to recharge the battery in like 30 to 40 minutes.

There is a triangular button on the body of the Limitless Pulse Starter Kit that you can use to turn it on and off. You simply need to click the button five times in quick succession to turn it on and off. However, this device is draw-activated, so you don’t need to press the button while vaping. There are cool LED lights on the triangular button as well as on the sides of the device. You an choose between seven different colors for the LED light. What’s more, this Limitless pod vape kit supports stealth mode.

The Limitless Pulse Starter Kit is designed to work with a pod. Unlike some other pod-based vape kits that you can find on the market, you can refill the pods. This means you can enjoy your favorite vape juice using this kit. The package includes two empty pods. Each pod can hold only 1ml of e-liquid. The pods have built-in coils with a resistance range of 1.7 ohms to 1.8 ohms. You can fill each pod up to 12 times before you have to dispose of it. The wicking material used with the coil heads is silica. It is easy to purchase replacement pods. A pack of three replacement pods for this vape kit costs about $15.

To remove the pod, you simply need to grab the top part and pull it. Another cool feature about this kit is that it comes with a mouthpiece that has flattened edges. To fill the pod with e-liquid, you simply need to remove the mouth piece. You will find a rubber plug which you can remove to access the fill hole. The fill port of the pods are quite small, so it is advisable to use a bottle with a thin top like a unicorn bottle. You can also use a syringe to refill it.

You cannot stand this vaporizer upright, but this is not a major issue since the e-juice will not leak when it is placed on its side. You will not have any problems vaping a thick, MAX VG e-juice on this starter kit. The Limitless Pulse has a restrictive draw. Those who are trying to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes and move to vaping will love using this kit. If you want to get the best out of the Pulse, it is best to use an e-juice blend with a reasonable level of nicotine.

The Limitless Pulse Starter Kit is priced at up to $30 in some online vape stores. However, you can get it on Ejuice Deals for $25.

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