Naked100 Green Blast Review

For fruity lovers out there, I know this e juice will not dishearten you. Combining the smooth and subtle taste of sweet apple and the kiwi tart makes me crave more of this e-juice.  Moreover, you can enjoy and savor honeydew with a faint creaminess blend. This one made me famous with my friends. It ended up as one of our top picks when it comes to fruity taste. Each puff we make is always a blast!


Experience a trio of expertly balanced flavors, combining the smooth and subtle sweetness of Honeydew, the crisp, juicy tartness of Granny Smith Apple, and finishing with the bright, creamy, and zesty notes of Kiwi.


This e-juice comes in one size only – 60ml. It is enclosed in a glass bottle. It has a black cap with dripper for easy refilling. The Green Blast has four choices of nicotine strength – 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg.


I see this flavor always out of stock on most online vape shop. I’m not sure if this is one of those best-selling ones, but I am thankful I’ve bumped into this gem. If I remember it right, I got this for only twenty bucks. It is very reasonable and affordable yet it over delivers.


PG/VG  30/70

Flavor Review

The Naked 100 series always impresses me with very reasonable prices and premium taste of its e-juice. My favorite among the line would be the Green Blast because of its flavor and vapor production potential. Vaping this e-juice became my pastime because it is on the spot when it comes to throat hit and cloud production. The taste is very pleasurable that’s why the 60ml bottle usually doesn’t last a week for me. I can savor the apple zest with a twist of kiwi notes at the tail-end. Sometimes I can also associate honeydew together with the apple and kiwi mixture. It has the right kinds of sweetness though.

The juice also has a creamy side to it which surprises me in a good way. The subtle creaminess neutralizes the tangy effect.  It really makes a huge difference to the general taste of juice.  Another positive thing is the scent; it makes me crave for one more puff! This e-juice is easily becoming a habit which is definitely hard to break.  With the Green Blast, I usually find it hard to stop for a pause. I shall vape this till the last drop and repurchase. Every time my friends would ask me for a fruity taste recommendation, without a doubt Naked 100’s Green Blast is my instant response.

Vapor Review

With 70 Vegetable Glycerin content, you won’t be craving for more cloud production. While other cloud chasers prefer the 80VG, personally I think the Green Blast VG percentage is already acceptable. The hit is pretty amazing.  You can produce thick white clouds that stay up in the air. I suggest firing this up with at least 50W-90W depending on your airflow level. It is remarkable! The result still gives an excellent taste with magnificent cloud production. Having this in my pocket makes my day giving me a big smile and always a blast. The aroma that lingers up in the air is a bonus. This makes me more relaxed when vaping this type of flavor of e-juice.

I can definitely say that I am very satisfied by this e-liquid due to its excellent vapor production and very pronounced flavor. At the end of the day, Green Blast from Naked100 surprised me in a right way. I only got it for a couple of dollars, and I thought it would turn out as one of those so-so products. It became an instant favorite of mine. I have been sharing this with my friends, and a lot of them liked it too. Sometimes, the best things in life are the little surprises you meet along the way. The best part is, I get to share it with the ones who matter to me. Sharing my knowledge and passion is always what makes me the happiest.

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