Review Of Cash Advance E-Juice By Broke Dick

Cash Advance e-juice is one of the best e-juices from Broke Dick. It has a flavor mix of good quality. There are some other e-juices by Broke Dick but the Cash Advance has a unique flavor that makes vaping great. If you are a fan of citrus flavors, this is the e-juice for you. The company is located at Somerset Drive, Largo, FL.  

Flavor Description

Broke Dick has made the Cash Advance e-juice with a mix of creamy cheesecake and whipped topping. The Graham Crackers crust is the first flavor you taste when inhaling the juice. Then the other flavor mixes tend to magnify once in your mouth.  Cash Advance e-juice also has a tinge of ripe limes. It blends with the sweetness of the taste. It is just the perfect sweetness for a vape juice. Once the taste is in your mouth, you tend to feel like you are eating the most delicious cake. This is available in a 120ml bottle and is awesome. This cheap vape juice that comes from Broke Dick will excite your taste buds. It is also one of the tastes that you will not get tired off easily.

There are other e-juices that may be giving you the sweet flavors to delight your tongue but it may be not worth coming back for more. Cash Advance has a complex flavor profile. This blend from Broke Dick is one of the best and is made e-liquid that is based on pie flavor. The aroma is appetizing and mouth-watering. It is a very special e-liquid. The flavor does not leave any chemical taste once tasted.

Nicotine Strength

If you want to get the nicotine strength from your e-juice, Cash Advance e-juice by Broke Dick has 3mg and 6mg. However, if you choose to not get the nicotine in your juice at all, the product also has a choice of 0mg. The citrus flavor from this e-liquid can be a contributing factor for a strong throat hit.


The thickness of the juice for Cash Advance e-juice is perfect. It has 70vg/30pg ratio. This ratio will give the perfect drip for your liquid. The product has an amber color and it appears that the e-liquid has been pre-steeped before being shipped.

Throat Hit

Cash Advance e-juice has a mild throat hit. Once you inhale it, you get a soothing feeling in your throat. It does not hit so strong that will hurt the throat. A relaxing feeling is what you will experience once Cash Advance e-juice is used in your vape. This does not give your throat any irritation.

 Vapor Production

When it comes to vapor production, the clouds coming out from inhaling Cash Advance e-juice are thick. These clouds also linger longer outside. This is the kind of juice that you want to show off with your everyday vaping. The creaminess of its taste makes the process of blowing out so nice.   


The yellow shade of the bottle’s cover of Cash Advance e-juice by Broke Dick is pleasant to look at. It does not come along with a dipper tip, but that can be bought through Broke Dick for only 50 cents together with a bottle of Cash Advance. You may also use your old caps for the bottle.


Broke Dick is based in Florida and focuses in making premium e-liquids at very cheap prices. It is a relatively new company but is already making waves in the US vaping market. The company uses quality ingredients for its blends. The appetizing aroma coming from Cash Advance is proof that it is high quality e-liquid. There are other equally good e-juice blends including the 1st, the 15th, Water Cup, Prepaid, Overdraft, and Payday.


Broke Dick  sells quality e-juices for an affordable rate. Cash Advance e-juice is just $22 per 120ml bottle. It is just the best quality for the best cheap vape juice. You can experience vaping on a different level with at a very affordable price. It just fits your budget and you can get it right on from Broke Dick’s website.  There are other juices that may cost less but do not have the quality that Cash Advance e-juice has.

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