Swedish On Ice Vape Juice By Candy King Review

Candy King is a well-known e-juice company that provides an assortment of candy-flavored e-liquids. The company has five different flavor profiles on the market. Each is unique and offers vapers a great vaping experience. Among its e-juices, Swedish is one of the best. It takes inspiration from the red Swedish Fish chewy wine gum candy. All of Candy King’s flavor profiles come in two versions; the original version and the on-ice version.

Swedish On Ice adds a fresh cooling sensation to the original taste. It is a very delicious vape. The nice taste of candy will remind you of the sweets you relished as a kid. Candy King is a brand that was created by Dripmore. This is one of the top-selling e-liquid brands today.

Flavor Description
Candy King Swedish On Ice gives you the delicious taste of Swedish Fish chewy wine gum. It’s very spot-on. It has the taste of the base Swedish added with a subtle menthol coolness. You do not get a real kick from the koolada. The ice is not overpowering. You can taste the candy flavors very well. On the inhale, you get the Swedish Fish chewy wine gum flavor. On the exhale, the flavor is similar. It’s consistent throughout and the koolada is smooth and pleasant in the throat and mouth..

VG/PG Ratio
The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of Swedish is 70/30. Vaping at 0.27 ohm and 85 watts, you get very good cloud production. It’s abundant, milky white, and you can actually feel it in the mouth as you inhale and exhale.

The e-juice is pre-steeped from the factory, but to get that extra hit of flavor, you can consider steeping it for a few days or weeks. It is best for dripping instead of vaping with a tank. An RDA is perfect to use. Other devices may require more frequent cleaning of the coils.

Nicotine Strength
Swedish On Ice is available with nicotine strength of 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg. These are low levels of nicotine strength that will give you mild throat hits. Unlike the original Swedish, with the same level of nicotine strength, the throat hit is felt more with the On Ice version. However, it is mild and smooth. You do not get any weird sensation in the throat. There is no itchiness.
The smell of Swedish On Ice is that of a fruit punch wine gum. It has a pleasant aroma. The Candy King e-juice is available in a 100-ml plastic chubby gorilla unicorn bottle that has a child-resistant cap. Both the box and the label of the bottle have the same design patterns. The color is nuanced light blue and the Candy King logo and product name are clearly visible. The packaging marketing is quite minimalist.

Pinkvape.com offers some of the best prices that you’ll find online. For only $12.95, you’ll get a 100ml bottle. It’s a great bargain and a fantastic opportunity. Pinkvape gives you the choice of a bundle of three different flavors of Candy King for only $39.99.

Beside Swedish, Candy King other flavors include Sour Worm, Strawberry Melon, Belts strawberry, and Batch. As noted already, each also has its on ice version. The taste of Candy King e-liquids are spot-on. It will delight vapers with an amazing sweet and sour experience. The company has an in-house innovation team that create e-liquids after careful research and development to produce high-quality e-liquids.

Swedish and Swedish On Ice is a great choice if you not only love candy-flavored e-juices. It is delicious and can easily be an all-day vape. Candy King uses only natural ingredients and the latest brewing technology to create its e-juices. There is no chemical aftertaste in Candy King e-liquids to suggest artificial flavoring. You will love every puff and still crave for more. On a scale from one to ten, Candy King Swedish On Ice gets an eight.

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