TAAT Menthol Tobacco-free Cigarettes Review

When it comes to flavors, experienced smokers know that menthol or mint stands out. There is something about the cooling effect mint has on the throat when smoking. And there are different types of mint-flavored cigarettes available on the market. However, this post is about one so unique it will leave you impressed. TAAT Menthol is an alternative herbal cigarette that does not contain any tobacco or nicotine. The crazy thing about these alternative TAAT cigarettes is that they taste, smell, burn, and feel like traditional nicotine cigarettes. Some of the most experienced smokers will not be able to tell the difference between TAAT cigarettes and tobacco sticks. And this was intentionally designed by manufacturers TAAT. This US company began operations in 2012 and has not looked back since. TAAT offers high-quality alternative cigarettes for the health-conscious smoking enthusiast. The perk of TAAT sticks is that you can switch without causing a break in your smoking rituals.

TAAT made is alternative cigarettes using premium CBD and unique formula, Beyond Tobacco. This patented formula is responsible for the tobacco similarity that TAAT tobacco-free cigarettes have. Beyond Tobacco mimics the taste, smell, and feel of traditional cigarettes.

TAAT only uses hemp sourced from hemp farms in the US. These hemp farmers are reputed for their organic farming methods. And these hemp farms only grow strains containing less than 0.2 percent of THC. This level of THC is not enough to get you high. Also, TAAT cigarettes are free of other harmful chemicals. These alternative cigarettes only contain about 5 percent water. You get 25 percent of premium CBD per TAAT stick you smoke.

The TAAT brand currently has three alternative cigarette flavors on the market: Menthol, Original, and Smooth. Each offers a unique flavor that will remind you of traditional nicotine cigarette brands.

Menthol: This TAAT cigarette has the flavor of mint as the name denotes. TAAT’s Menthol CBD cigarettes have been described as being similar to popular tobacco cigarettes like Kool, Newport, and Marlboro Menthol.

Smooth: This TAAT cigarette has a pleasant smoothness to it. When you smoke Smooth it will bring cigarettes like Pall Mall Blue, Winston, and American Spirit Blue to mind.

Original: This TAAT cigarette has a refreshingly bold flavor that tastes like American Spirit Blue, Winston, and Marlboro Red.

TAAT made its alternative nicotine-free CBD cigarettes cheaper than traditional tobacco-based cigarettes. A pack of Menthol by TAAT is sold for $6.99 at the TAAT online store, Trytaat.com. You will get 20 TAAT sticks in each pack. You can also purchase a carton of Menthol which would cost $59.99. A carton of Menthol offers 10 packs of 20 King-size Menthol cigarettes.

At this store, you get fast shipping services on all orders. It should be noted that TAAT does not ship out to all 50 US states. This is because not all states have legalized the sale of combustible products containing hemp. It is best to check the Trytaat store to see if your state has restrictions on sales.

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