Top 5 Best Sub-Ohm Tanks of 2017 Review

In this article were going to share what we feel are the Top 5 best sub-ohm tanks of 2017. Use this information strictly as insight into the greatest tanks currently available and to help you choose your next sub-ohm tank for vaping.

Sub-ohm tanks are on every vapers mind in 2017. To qualify for this class, tanks must be able to handle higher temperatures, higher vegetable glycerin content in juices and a coil that fires below 1O ohm.

With competition among manufacturers being at an all-time high, innovation is a weekly thing, which certainly isn’t something consumers are complaining about. We are going to give you the run down of what we chose as the top 5 of the year.


Kanger  Mini Sub-Ohm Tank

The Kanger SubTank Mini was an innovative game-changer when it was released, turning a market that was rooted in dripping, back on to the idea of using tanks again.

Although there were rebuildable tanks on the market, this was the one that sparked the greatest interest. It boasted stainless steel construction, utilized Pyrex glass, and had quite an appealing appearance.

The tank has a 4mL e-liquid capacity and a wide open adjustable airflow. The SubTank Mini comes with the choice of regular coils with organic cotton, It has a rebuildable deck and can be used with temperature control devices.

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Aspire  Cleito 120 Tank

The Aspire is another flexible system, allowing vapers to take their pick of coil styles.

It features a top fill tank, which helps vapers to refill the tank with less mess. It has 4ml tank capacity.

The Aspire Cleito 120 Tank also features a unique coil design that delivers superb airflow. This design keeps the drip tip cool even when pushing 120 watts.

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Smok   TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank

The TFV12 is my personal favorite on this list. It‘s Smok’s latest, and in my opinion, greatest design to date.

This is a work of art, with its massive 6ml e-liquid reservoir, Pyrex tank, and stainless steel finish.

It offers the biggest cloud-chasing coil heads with six different coil options: V12-T12, V12-T6, V12-X4, V12-Q4, and 2 RBA Decks.

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180Smoke  Airflow 1 Clearomizer Tank

The Airflow 1 from 180Smoke currently seems to be the most popular in the eyes of the general public, and for a good reason.

The tank uses an incredibly performing high-quality dual bottom coil that can push 1.8ohm. The vapor production and flavor with it are second to none.

It’s designed to be durable, powerful and sleek. It has adjustable airflow, easy to change coils, and it’s not too expensive.

If every other vaper I see has one in their hand, 180Smoke must be doing something right.

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SMOK  TFV4 Sub-Ohm Tank

The second of two tanks from Smok to make this list. The TFV4 Sub-Ohm Tank made this list because we love its simplicity.

It brings two patented coil heads to the market, a triple and quadruple coil system. Both produce ridiculous amounts of flavor and vapor.


Each coil is housed in a separate tube within the head, which in the industry is unheard of. In addition to these crazy coils, it also boasts an unrivaled rebuildable base, along with a 5ml Pyrex tank. The TFV4 also has a swivel style top refillable cap.

Smok  TFV4 Sub-Ohm Tank  GET IT HERE

If you intend to buy a sub-ohm tank from a vape shop any of the above would be a fantastic choice. As was mentioned at the start of this post, this list is based solely on our opinions at the time of writing. Other tanks are on the cusp of being released. If they live up to the hype on pre-release they’ll quickly take this list by storm.

As always, enjoy your vaporizer and vape safe!


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