Unicorn Treats by Humble Juice Co. Review

Unicorn Treats is a mouth watering blend of milky cereal. This e-liquid could easily stand as the best cereal blend that you will find on the market. Even if you don’t like cereal flavor e-liquids, you are going to enjoy this one. Vaping Unicorn Treats by Humble Juice Co. will remind you of your favorite childhood cereal. Overall, this e-liquid is fantastic; there is a good reason why it is called Unicorn Treats.

Like other e-liquids from Humble Juice, Unicorn Treats was made for vapers on a budget. It costs just $24.99 for a 120ml bottle of this e-liquid on Humble Juice’s online store. It costs slightly more on some other vape stores. However, you can get the same 120ml bottle on Ejuice Connect for only $11.99. This web store is also selling a massive 720ml Humble Juice combo pack that includes a 120ml bottle of Unicorn Treats and five other flavors from the California-based company for just $69.99. The other five e-liquids in the pack are Vape the Rainbow, American Dream, Donkey Kahn, Pee Wee Kiwi, and Smash Mouth. Visit http://vapejuicedeals.com/ if you are interested in this deal.

Unicorn Treats has a sweet and light flavor. It kind of tastes like a bowl of crunchy Fruit Loops with lots of milk. You can taste light notes of fruit flavor in the background while vaping this e-juice. It is very sweet. If you don’t like sweet e-juice blends, you are not going to enjoy this one. On the inhale, you get a sweet blast of the cereal flavor. On the exhale, you get get a taste of the fruit flavor. The taste of milk in this blend is quite mellow, but you can taste it if you pay attention. The milky taste is there from the inhale to the exhale. Some people have said they get the taste of marshmallow while vaping this. However, marshmallow is not listed as one of the ingredients in this e-liquid. Unicorn Treats is an all day vape. If you love cereals, you need to add this e-juice to your collection. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

This e-liquid has the typical Humble Juice vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 80vg/20pg. While this mix has a high VG level, it is not as thick as some MAX VG e-liquids that you will find on the market.This makes it perfect for vaping from a tank. You can also drip it without any issues and enjoy the flavor.

Humble Juice’s Unicorn Treats has three nicotine concentration levels. You can get this e-juice with 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine. It has a very mild throat hit and decent cloud production. The throat hit does not have any kind of harshness to it. Its cloud production is just okay. It does not give you particularly outstanding clouds, but it’s enough for the average vaper.

Unicorn Treats is packed in a clear glass bottle with a nipple tip. The e-juice is pre-steeped, and you will notice that it has a nice amber color to it. This means it is ready to be vaped from the moment you get your hands on the bottle. The bottle is transparent so you can see that it is filled to the brim and you’re not getting cheated. Not that this matters since you’ll be getting this at a really cheap price.

Humble Juice Co. has made a mark in the market with its low-priced e-liquid blends. The company uses USP NicSelect nicotine as well as USP Grade VG and PG. Besides its Humble juice line, this company is also behind the Havoc and Hustle e-liquid brands.

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