Vape Moar Cool Green Ejuice Review

With thousands of ejuice options on the market, we sometimes stick to our usual like fruit, candy, or bakery based flavors. Because of this, we tend to miss out on some wonderful taste experiences. But based on its description as a menthol flavor tea juice, I would definitely give this Cool Green eliquid from Vape Moar a try since I am a big fan of menthol.

Its flavor profile reads, “Cool Green is a no nonsense menthol, and when we say no nonsense, we mean it. True menthol lovers rate their menthol by that impact of that first icy blast, and Cool Green dominates the competition when it comes to cool. This flavor doesn’t need a lot of introduction, it’s just outstanding menthol flavor that any menthol lover can and should make their daily vape.”

I have to admit that Cool Green is absolutely a pure blast of menthol. As what its flavor profile said, this is indeed a “straight menthol.” This is not the menthol and tobacco type but just pure menthol flavor. Both the inhale and exhale will give you that cool fresh crisp menthol flavor. As one reviewer described it, Cool Green’s vaping experience is like popping five or six Ricola or Halls menthol cough drops all at the same time.

Once you open the bottle, prepare for an exclusively menthol cool aroma with a twist of some sweetness to it. Cool Green may give you a slight aftertaste experience, but it’s pleasant enough to make you crave for more. The aftertaste also does not settle in your mouth; it stays more at the back of the throat.

Cool Green vape liquid by Vape Moar is a blend of 79% vegetable glycerin and 21% propylene glycol. The vapor is definitely cool and smooth, while the throat hit is amazingly mild and cool. You do not have to worry about nicotine buzz, nose tingling sensation, or even fits of coughing or spluttering. This is a refreshing blend throughout. Clouds are dense and humongous too.

The consistency of the ejuice is a bit thick, but it is not enough to gunk up your device. Some words of advice though, Cool Green is a potent or a pretty strong ejuice. That being said, I suggest that you do not drip this ejuice. Using a tank is more preferred with a 0.5 ohm or higher resistance coil. I had a wonderful vaping experience using a Vaporfi volt hybrid tank using a Vaporfi box 250 watt mod.

Cool Green will undeniably give you that refreshing and soothing feeling your mouth and throat have been searching for. If you are hunting for a menthol and bold flavor, not tobacco menthol flavor, then Cool Green ejuice will definitely impress you.

It has five nicotine strength options available. It comes in 0, 2, 4, 8, and 16 mg. I find it good that Vape Moar has crafted several nicotine blends. You see, picking the perfect nicotine strength is very important especially for your initial switch. (if you are a previous cigarette smoker) A nicotine strength that is too low can be unsatisfying while too high can be so intense. Some may see this as a tedious process, but believe me, getting the correct nicotine level will give you an easy and enjoyable vaping experience.

Vape Moar offers Cool Green in 18ml sampler bottles for as low as $3 only! Visit its website and check the wide array of flavors available on its Small Prices collection such as Georgia Striker, Melon Quench, Blueberry Boss, Smith’s Apple, Spring Fling, and Crucible Cream. Overall, menthol cool seekers should definitely give Cool Green vape liquid a try. It offers a refreshing flavor with a nice vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio. It can be a perfect all day vape or an enhancer to other flavors. Like me, I mix this with Berry Bomb!

Vape Moar has a rather simple philosophy of providing top quality eliquids for less money. It wants to go beyond and above the norm by producing premium vape juice that does not break the bank. It also wants to keep vapers’ budget open to trying its wide selection of interesting blends. Aside from offering sampler bottles, Vape Moar also delivers its vape liquids straight to its consumers, avoiding middle men.

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