VMOD 2.0 Review

For starters, I wanted to know for sure that the atomizer required was in no way proprietary like the first version of the mod. It isn’t. I can say first hand that it will work with every 510 (or 306) atomizer/cartomizer you throw at it. Let me rephrase that; you shouldn’t throw atomizers at it … just use the atomizer in the provided sleeve, mmk?

The VMOD 2.0 is the most popular Bottom Feeder on the market today, and for good reason. Now the VMOD comes in a Premium kit in the new 2.0 style. It’s ideal for the person that’s new to the world of Bottom Feeders and MODS. The kit comes with all you need to get your new MOD up and running. All you need is your favorite E-Liquid. The amazing thing is, you get a whole kit including batteries and charger for the cost of what most companies sell just the MOD for.

Do you love to vape but are fed up with all the fuss of dripping, and carrying extra stuff? Well then the VMOD 2.0 is your answer. The VMOD 2.0 is your all day vaping tool that’s small, compact, and ready to go with you wherever you go. Just pull it out of your purse or pocket, and give the 4.5ml bottle a little squeeze, and you’re good to go.

The Vapage Premium VMOD System Includes

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  • 1 Complete (Assembled) V-Mod 2.0
  • Wall Charger
  • 2.2 ohm Vapage Cartomizer
  • Li-ion 14500 3.7v 900mAh Batteries
  • Drip Tips -2 (1 Long, 1 Short)
  • Battery Charger
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • User Guide
  • E-Liquid Bottles (empty) 4ml
  • Hybrid 2.0ohm Vapage Atomizer (510 thread)

First Impression

Aside from being itty bitty, it’s fantastically light. The aluminum cover doesn’t add much weight to the plastic insides yet the cover fits really nice without any miss-fitting areas that I was worried about.

The supplied Silo 2.2ohm carto was cooler than expected, maybe because it metered at 2.7ohms instead. A slightly off spec carto isn’t that odd, the inclusion of a carto in a bottom feeder seems to be overkill. Either way, using an atomizer is much closer to my vaping preference. (I used my own 510 for consistency.) I’ll try the supplied 510 before the rated review.

So… does it work? The designer was obviously Australian cause the feeding system needs to be flipped to work. It’s easy and clean to replace the bottle. This second version doesn’t require a space proprietary connection, any 510 atty or carto will do.  Nothing fancy schmancy to it when it comes to the electrical stuff. 3.7V was vaping from a 14500 battery.


So far, I like it.

The Looks

Feeder mods are the Volvos of mods; boxy. (I need to update my Volvo material. I don’t’ think they make them box anymore.) The VMOD v2.0 is not boxy nor foxy… it’s interesting. Not blunt at all. In fact, it’s curvy. It’s in no way bulky either which is always a concern of mine when looking at box mods.

I like it and my word is LAW! So it shall be

Build Quality

I could tell you that this thing is made with space-metal from a meteor by blind monks at a monastery so obscure they only get fresh produce once every leap year… and that they make them only after starving themselves for 40 days. But I think I’d rather keep that story for my ‘premium reserve’ juice marketing campaign. (I’d tell you more about it but I then I’d have to eat you.)

Instead, the VMOD is made at a factory, by some people, out of plastic and lightweight aluminum, it’s not badly put together.

The outer aluminum sleeve is accurately fitted to the plastic guts which are in turn well made. The top cone threading is very well done.



This is my biggest issue with the VMOD … the button. Yes, it is a mechanical switch, and yes it locks. But it’s way too soft, wobbles and there is a little click to it that I’m not sure should be there. Let’s just say that sometimes it clicks, sometimes it doesn’t.  I am not dismissing it altogether since after all is said and done it’s consistent. You press it, and it fires every single time.



Sorry button, BAD



Battery Life

I specifically wanted the smaller version of the XL for the size. I was under the impression that a 14500 battery, at its 700mah would last me long enough for a good fishing trip. I was daft! Truth be told I hadn’t used 14500s before and didn’t know what to expect.

As it turns out I need to carry an extra battery to make it through a trip. If try to be objective, (I am new at it and fail a lot) there is a bigger battery option that I simply didn’t consider well enough, not to mention that since I got the À la Carte edition, I’d just berating a random battery.

The fault here is mine. Hence no battery rating for the vaping mod.




The way feeding usually works is that a little tube connected to the atomizer goes into the bottle of the feeder, once the bottle is sealed a little squeeze on the bottle drives juice up the small tube and into the atomizer, straightforward and efficient. In the VMOD there isn’t a small container, meaning that if the bottle is anything other than full squeezing just pushes air into the atty. To get the feeling to work you have to invert the mod before squeezing.

The bottle itself is 3 or 4ml which is ideal for my needs, lasts long enough for two day’s worth of fishing and is small enough, so the juice doesn’t stay in the bottle long after its filled. I tire of juices quickly so anything bigger would be a waste.

Do note that while the bottles look like the 3ml sample ones the threading on them is slightly different and they have an O-ring to avoid any leaks when they are in the mod, so getting an extra pair wasn’t a bad idea.

This is my first feeder mod. I have nothing to rate the feeding system by.

Value for Money

This is where the VMOD shines. There are several feeder mods currently available, some made out of exotic woods, some milled out of a single piece of aluminum. There’s probably even a stainless steel option that I am not aware of, BUT unless you’re looking at a project box with a hole in it, then you can’t expect to spend less than $100 for a mod. This Vape MOD is $75 before the discount code (vapin15 for 15% off), and even the À la Carte version comes with a second bottle, an atomizer, and even a cartomizer.


Value for Money
VERY affordable, I like cheaper mods


It’s cheap, and it works. If you are looking for a bottom feeder for occasional use, it might just be the one for you.

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