Vuse ePod 2+ Device Review

Introducing the NEW Vuse ePod 2+ by Vuse (formerly Vype).

The brand-new VUSE/Alto epod 2+ is revolutionary! This new device has a power/lock button and pairs with the My Vuse app on your smartphone using Bluetooth. The whole family of VUSE pods is compatible with the brand-new VUSE/VYPE ePod 2+.

The Vuse (formerly Vype) ePod 2+ device by British American Tobacco (BAT) is a compact vaping device with Bluetooth connectivity for an experience like no other!

The pen and the charger are both included in the VUSE ePod2 + kit. Please be aware that the prefilled cartridges are sold separately. They come in a wide range of flavors and nicotine strengths, including nicotine free, 18mg, and Bold 50.

Vuse ePod 2+ Details

The charging cable for the Vuse ePod 2+ can be used with the Vuse ePod 2 and has virtually the same design. A button on the side of the VUSE ePod 2+ can be used to lock or unlock the device and pair it with Bluetooth.

The primary features of the VUSE ePod 2+, which connects to Apple and Android on your mobile smartphone, are as follows:

  • Device Lock – Locks your Vuse epod 2+ device so others can’t use it
  • Find My Vape – is a device locator to assist you in locating your lost vape
  • Cloud Control – allows you to increase or decrease vapor production, up to 6.5w
  • Recharge Reminder – tracks battery usage and life
  • Usage Tracker – keeps track of how often your device is used

These incredible alto vuse pod flavors leave no stone unturned, you are sure to find many to suit your different needs.

What’s In The Box:

  • VUSE ePod 2+ Device
  • USB Magnetic Charger
  • User Manual

How to care for your Vuse ePod 2+ device

Follow the instructions on the leaflet that came with your Vuse ePod. Below is some main information on how to look after your Vuse ePod

  • Only use Vuse charging accessories, like the ones in your starter kit.
  • Only use Vuse ePod cartridges.
  • Keep your Vuse ePod, charging accessories, and cartridges dry to prevent damage.
  • Store your ePod between 0–25°C.

How do I charge your Vuse ePod 2+

Use only the equipment included in your kit or suitable charging accessories (available at to charge your Vuse device to avoid the risk of fire, injury, and/or damage to your product or other property. The USB ports on televisions and other audio-visual devices that are not intended for charging lithium-ion batteries should NOT be used to charge e-cigarettes.

What’s the lifespan of Vuse ePod 2+

A well-cared-for, often used Vuse ePod is intended to last for at least a year. However, depending on how you personally vape, this may change. All Lithium-ion batteries experience battery efficiency degradation after a year owing to regular charging, which is normal. To prolong the battery life of your Vuse ePod, keep the battery completely charged.

Will I ever need a replacement Vuse ePod Device?

If used properly and maintained regularly, your Vuse ePod should last for 300 full charge/discharge cycles before the battery efficiency starts to decline. This is typical of all Lithium-ion batteries, albeit it will vary on how you vape personally.

Your Vuse ePod device will still work after this time, but you might need to charge it more regularly. To prolong the battery life of your Vuse ePod, keep the battery completely charged.

Where do I get my Vuse ePod 2+ device?

Your Vuse ePod 2+ device is available for instant purchase on Hazetown Vapes online platform. Each device costs a paltry sum of $14.66, and you can order as many pieces as you want to share with your friends and family. You’ve got to try the phix pods new flavors, there is surely something for everyone!

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